House of Prayer

( preached by Harliem, GKDI, 14 Sept 2008 )

John 2: 12-17

We know Christ on the cross, the good shepherd, but when we see the verses, this is very strange.  ” out of here” can you imagine Jesus did this?  He made the whip out of cord.  3 years later when He was about to crucified, He did it again (Mat 21:12).  WHY did He do that?

Background : the people who were there BELONG there.  You couldnt be there carrying all these oxen if you dont belong there.  They are there to make money (force people to use temple money as a way to buy things).

Side point… It is not IF you are doing God’s work, BUT HOW and WHY you are doing God’s work.  They are doing the job but making big time money.  They are businessmen.

The thing that provoked Jesus is this.  My Father’s house shall be called THE HOUSE OF PRAYER.  But instead you make it as a place that is making business.

What is important thing for us as a christian, in a church?  Preaching yes, but it shall not be called the house of preaching.  Music and singing yes, but it shall not be called the house of music.  The church was born when somebody was PRAYING.

Acts 4:23 Peter and John didnt go to protest, but they go back to the prayer meeting.  After they prayed, the place was shaken and filled with the word of God and speak the word of God boldly.

Acts 9:10-14 Jesus asked Ananias to go to Paul, but he was scared.  But Jesus said it’s the right time to go because Paul is praying.  God changed Paul’s heart while he’s praying!

1 Tim 2: 1-4 First of all in your church before anything else, is request prayer

Every great move of God has been laid upon the foundation of prayer.  Acts 1: 14 the 120 gathered for prayer while they waiting for the promised Holy Spirit.  Acts 2:42 the church continued in prayer.  Acts 3;1 Peter and John were going up to the temple at the hour of prayer revealing that the church in Jerusalem met for prayer every day at 3 PM.

if the church is to be a house of prayer and we are the church, are you a house of prayer?  if not, why not?

  • Prayer involves entering the pain; many of us avoid praying because we dont want to think about the uncomfortable, uncertain, unpleasant realities of life.  It is often announced the someone has a disease, battling the problems, people in danger of withdrawal, the errors facing the church, problems between brethren, etc.  In the Old Testament, prayer is often described as Crying to God ( 2 Chron 32: 20, Psalm 5: 2, 17:1, 34:17 for example 1 Sam 1: 15 prayer of Hannah ).  In Rome 10: 1, Prayer is the desire of the heart, expressed to God.
  • Helps us to love our enemies; loving enemies of the truth is hard.  It is much easier for me to ridicule and write off my enemies than to love them.  Example 1 Sam 12: 1-25

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