Ruth and Naomi

scripture references : book of Ruth

  • Naomi is a wonderful example of how to evangelize. She loved Ruth and lived a life that Ruth recognized was worth emulating. Ruth wanted the peace, character and loving-kindness she saw displayed in her mother-in-law’s life.
  • Naomi shows us how to be gracious in-law. We dont know whether Naomi had counseled her sons against marrying out of their faith. We know that she loved both her daughters-in-law enough to put their welfare above her own. Eventually she even loved Ruth to faith in God.
  • Many parents hesitate to offer advice to adult children. While we cannot force our will on them, we can share our thoughts and our wisdom with those willing to listen. When advice is given lovingly and with respect for our children’s independence, it will often be welcomed.
  • Naomi is a reminder of how God can make one of the least likely to be remembered into someone who will never be forgotten. When we feel insignificant, we can remember how God used a starving widow to win a woman to faith who became an ancestress of Jesus.
  • Ruth reminds us that character does count. Good men are more concerned about finding a godly spouse than a sexy one!

(taken from Every Woman In The Bible, Sue and Larry Richards)


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